Activities for you and your pet

Activities for you and your pet

Your pets may give the best cuddles in the world but they have a lot more to offer than just being cuddly and cute. Spend time doing activities with your pet and you will not only improve their health and well-being but also strengthen the bond between you both.

Doing activities with your pet is fun for both parties and will make owning a pet even more of an enjoyable experience. Find out some of the different activities you can do together below.

Walking and running

If you’ve got a dog you should be walking them every day (twice for larger dogs) in order to make sure they get plenty of exercise. Dogs love their walkies, as it gives them a chance to explore the outdoors and stretch their legs. Going on daily walks will be great for your health too! It’ll help to keep you fit and give you a chance to get some fresh air.

Make the activity of walking more interesting for your dog by taking them to a local park or trail. They’ll love all the new scents they get to sniff out and it’ll be far more pleasurable for you than doing a quick route round the block.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not have a go at running with your dog? Providing they’re well trained, they’ll be able to run alongside you in the park and keep you company. Your dog will make a great running partner as they won’t tire easily and will motivate you to keep going.

Playing with pet toys

Whether you own a cat, dog or other household pet, they’re sure to enjoy playing with toys. Pet toys are great for stimulating and entertaining your little furry friends and you’ll get plenty of enjoyment from playing with them too.

When selecting a pet toy, make sure you consider the age of your pet, along with his or hers size and activity level. Here at The Pet Hut, we have plenty of different discount pet toys for you to choose from, with something to suit all pets.


Dogs love playing with their toys, especially if you join in on the action too!

If you’ve got a dog, there are plenty of different fun and exciting games you can play with their pet toys. Balls are great for playing the fetch and retrieve game. Encourage them to bring the toy back to you, so you can throw it again for them.

Some dogs also enjoy a good game of tug! Buy them a dog rope and spend time everyday having your own game of tug of war. Keep in mind that your dog will always win!

And finally, try playing a game of search with your dog. Hiding their favourite toy or placing a pet food treat inside a dog treat ball is a great way to train them to sniff it out. Your dog will love the excitement and anticipation of trying to find their toy and you’ll have lots of fun watching them on their mission.

Fun for you and your pet

If you are looking for a way to improve your pet’s health, keep them entertained and strengthen your bond, there are plenty of different activities to try. Whether it’s a trip out of the house or an introduction to new toys, your pet will appreciate the effort you put into caring for them and you’ll be able to see it all over their face!

Is it about time you treated your pet to some new toys? Have a browse of The Pet Hut website and see what we have to offer. There are plenty of great discount pet toys, as well as discount dog food and other treats to keep your pets happy 24/7.


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Ever tried to take a photo of your pet doing something funny and cute, and then just as you get your phone out they change position? We’ve all been there.

It can be difficult to capture your pet, especially during their best moments. However, with social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram dominated with fantastic pictures of dogs, cats and rabbits, doesn’t it make you wonder how we can get our pics to look that cute too?

We’ve done our research and come up with 5 of the best ways you can achieve the perfect picture with your pet:

1)      For dogs, take your pooch out on a long walk first. This will use up some energy and hopefully mean he will be calm and settled when you go to take the photo.

2)      Treats are a fantastic way to get your animals attention. If you want them to look directly at the camera, try holding up a treat next to or on top of the lens. You could even train your pet to know that a camera click means a treat! (Just don’t forget to give them one after the picture has been taken!)

3)      Another handy trick that works similar to a treat is using one of their favourite toys. A squeaky toy will grab your pet’s attention and again, by holding it up near the camera lens you’ll be able to encourage eye contact.

4)      For the perfect picture, avoid any clutter in the background so your pet is the sole focus. Also, avoid using the flash! This may hurt your pet’s eyes and cause them to close. Instead, try taking the picture in natural light for the best quality.

5)      Finally, props are a great tool to add more character to the picture. Include your cat’s favourite scratch post or your piggy’s most loved tunnel – as well as adding more detail and personality to the pic, you might even be able to capture something funny!


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Dogs love to be active and feel needed.  It is part of the reason they make such incredible workers and even better friends.  And although they are quite happy to guard your house while you are at work, they need more to do, especially when you are at home. 

Fortunately, almost every activity that you can do with your dog will enrich their lives, making them happier – and often smarter and more obedient.  With so many pluses, enrichment activities fall just under food and shelter when it comes to caring for your pets.   Ready to give your canines something to do that keeps them from boredom (and chewing your favourite shoes)?  Here are just a few to get you going.

Obedience Training – It may seem like work to you, but remember that your dog loves having a job to do, even if it is sitting and staying.  The great thing about this activity is that it benefits both of you.  When teaching your dog, remember that one on one is always best – although you can include one of your children if the idea is to make your dog listen to the younger members of your family.  And, if your dog is on a restricted diet, love is just as enjoyable as treats.

Advanced Training – When your dog has passed the beginner stages of training, and will always come when you call, you do not need to stop with training.  In fact, that is when the fun begins.  Teach your pet to jump through hoops, fetch your slippers when you come in from work, or to drop plastic bottles in the recycling bin.  You can teach dogs to do just about anything you can imagine – so get creative. 

Long, Leisurely Walks – You can take your dog for a walk seven times a day and she will never get tired of it.  You might, however, so why not make it one long walk every day?  Head to new places, or designate a couple of set routes.  Your dog will be pleased either way.  And, if you are in the mood to explore new streets and areas, why not let your dog take the lead.  He is sure to have a few spots he has been dying to investigate.

Grooming – You do this because it helps to keep dog hair from covering your couch every time your dog walks past – and other such rudimentary reasons.  However, most dogs absolutely love being groomed; believing it to be an affectionate way of receiving a massage.  Although you may want to do this outside when the weather’s agreeable, a little bit of floor protection is all that stands between grooming and your favourite television show.  Why not get yourself a grooming mat to solve this conundrum?

Chase and Tug-of-War – Oh, your pup never has so much fun as she does chasing you as you hold her favourite toy just out of reach.  This is fantastic for exercising (both of you), and although most people do not love when they cannot get their favourite objects, it is just a game for most dogs.  Invariably, this will descend into a game of tug-of-war when your dog catches up, or you finally feel generous; consider yourself warned.

Fetch – For those of you who spend your work days filled with physical activities, evening time is meant to be spent relaxing.  Teaching your dog to fetch is one activity that will give both you and your dog the break you need.  Not all dogs (in fact most of them do not) have the fetch gene ingrained, so this is likely something you will need to train over time.

Food Puzzles – Need to give your dog a challenge that lasts long enough for you to get supper on the table?  Food puzzles are just the thing.  Your pet will put in whatever energy it takes to get the food out, so this is a terrific option for feeding pets when you will be out at your favourite restaurant in the evening.  If you do not want to invest in a food puzzle, you can always get your dog to hunt for his kibble as you leave it scattered throughout the house or the garden.

New Toys – If your pup is keen on is toys, then do not forget about swapping these out every now and again.  You may even want to keep these items on rotation, bringing out the irritating squeaky toys when you head out to work, and taking them away when you return.  If a toy begins to look hazardous, take it away before it becomes a danger.

Doggie Dates – Dogs are naturally social creatures and they love meeting other dogs and people.  Of course, there are timid dogs, and some rescue animals may have had a history that we cannot comprehend, but if your pet loves socialising, then make a point of it.  Whether you head to a dog park to see who is around, or you invite your best friends and their dogs around for a visit, it will be a devilishly good time for the canines involved.  Just remember to have collars and leashes on when introducing your dog to other canines, just in case they don’t get on.

Spending Time Together – Exercising your dog is part of what she needs to remain happy and healthy.  But it does not mean that you need to spend the majority of your time running and playing.  You also do not need structured routines to keep yourselves entertained.  You can simply spend some time with your dog while lying on the sofa, or tidying up the house. Your dog just wants to be with you – this is especially true if no one is in the house with him all day.  Whatever activity you choose, you should ensure that your dog is given direct attention every day.  This will not only alleviate his need to chew your new shoes and steal food from the garbage – it will also bring the pair of you much closer together.  Enjoy.